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Journey & Testimonials
Cherilyn-rose is a trained Herbalist & Quantum Energy Practitioner. 
She completed an Herbal Medicine apprenticeship at the NZ school of Earth Medicine and continued on to an internship working deeper with herbs and herbal preparations. Her natural interest in gaining further knowledge in Herbal Medicine directed her to study Malcolm Harker's Senior Traditional Herbal Diploma.
In completing her Elohim practitioner certificates Cherilyn developed her own healing techniques that include quantum plant acupuncture & DNA communication.
As a musician Cherilyn-rose became acutely aware of how sound vibrations can have a very healing and restorative effect on the body, mind & spirit. This wonderful ally is used in her sessions as sound healing and vibrational resonance therapy.
*All of these modalities are possible to explore in personal sessions 
" Dear Cherilyn, Thank you for such a beautiful, relaxing and illuminating session. During the session I felt totally relaxed, at ease and felt lovely waves and peace and love wash over me.  Information that came up during the session made beautiful sense to me.  After the session I had relief from what was ailing me.  You are a gifted practitioner in many modalities.  Thanks again, Elizabeth"
" Cherilyn-rose is who I fondly call my “energy healer”. What I really mean to say is, she is a soul worker. It was the work that moves through her, that ultimately held the key to rooting me in this world and teaching me safety, teaching me wholeness. Her herbal tinctures each have a little spirit of their own inside them, as all remedies do. The first time she put a single drop of Rimu tincture on the sole of each foot I felt like I was set on fire. After today’s session I can honestly say I have never been so close to feeling whole, to coming home to myself. To feeling safe in my body, and safe in this world"
"I sought Cherilyn Rose Doherty's help for a terminal lung diagnosis. With her gifted guidance we co-created healthy normal lungs. She is a true gift, she was able to navigate a truly personal journey from an imprisonment of disease to freedom. She innately understands all the colours in between the black and white of an illness or ailment. I have since been to see her many times for various things, I recommend her with 100% passion, her integrity and authenticity in the way she works is faultless. Thank you Cherilyn for being you"