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Herbalpathways was inspired by the vision that plants and life-force energy can travel through the pathways of our system and heal our bodies through light frequencies anchoring into the physical and electromagnetic fields of the body. Plants have active chemistry that our biological body recognises as well as having their own energy field that our electromagnetic and subtle bodies also communicate with. Plants are a wonderful companion for holistic healing and a very fortunate tool in this time of rapid change on the planet. Herbalpathways offers sessions that encompasses this vision using plant medicine, sound vibration therapy, hands on cellular level scalar wave communication healing.
When we remember to respect and give gratitude to the earth and all its life, we remember that all must function in right relationship and harmony to live in balance.
Herbalpathways is a platform to re-remember to live in gratitude and honour of nature which in turn cultivates respect & healing for self and the planet. After all, the earth & sky is where we drink, where we eat and where we breathe life.